Perfect Google Glass

Welcome back, today we are going to talk about Google glasses. If you have no idea what it is all about, just watch this introducing video from Google. By now, applications are fairly basic but this highlights the future for portable devices. We call them wearable computers


Advanced features

1. Display

Display is perfect, at some point it might be 3D and ultra HD to give you the best of augmented reality experience

2. Geolocation

The system combines GPS and motion sensors to gives you the most accurate live position, of course it works indoor

3. Speech and voice recognition

The only way to interact with your glasses is to speak. The glasses will display or say something. Fortunately, most of the time, you don’t even need to ask because… it is smart

It is your smartest device

1. Learning

The device will learn your habits, your taste

  • It’s a work day? early morning? -> Your train is in 14 minutes, next in 23 minutes
  • You are late? -> You should better take bus 23 in 5 minutes

2. Memory

Remember the glasses see what you see and records everything
Although it might be annoying for privacy, we can foresee unlimited applications

  • Automatically filling up your agenda and your glass would gives you a gentle reminder when it is time to leave home
  • Can’t remember something? Just ask, your glasses knows what you are missing

3. Empathy

The glasses can infer your mood and it will be able to compute a daily insight

  • The most interesting thing I learned today
  • Amazing moments of the day
  • Another point why my boss is ***

Crazy applications

1. Context awareness

The glasses can detect and adapt to various context (driving, working, watching TV)

  • While driving, delay incoming calls if you are on a roundabout / entering the highway
  • If you are waiting, propose entertainments (book, video, game…)
  • If you are busy, just keep quiet!

Promo_for__Specs_And_The_City__-_THE_SIMPSONS_-_ANIMATION_on_FOX_large_verge_medium_landscapeIllustration from:

2. Breaking the language barrier

Ever dreamed to visit Japan? But you might be scared about not being able to speak and read Japanese? No problem!

  • It can change all puzzling Japanese kanjis and Kanas into english
  • It can live translate what people say so you barely feel in your own country

3. A daily life helper

Your glasses would be your personal assistant

  • Cooking, let’s try a new recipe! Your glass can give you the instructions time by time while checking your live progress
  • Travel guide: No need to prepare, you can fully enjoy your trip since your glass will feed you with itinerary, historical data and cultural facts
  • You can purchase anything you need thanks to the biometric, iris scanning, payment system



Well although it sounds really futuristic, Google glass is the very first prototype, and it is coming soon.
Despite we could be worried about privacy and how our personal data might be used, this is not a real concern to me.
For me the real question is:

Would it makes us better men?

What’s your feeling? Leave a comment!


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